Resources for better productivity

Having trouble getting through all your tasks? Or are you getting distracted a little too often? These resources offer practical advice and strategies for getting stuff done.

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Real life Pomodoro

Use real life events as Pomodoro timers to get more done.

How to stop procrastinating by using the "2-minute rule"

Getting started is the hardest part of anything. Just aim to do two minutes of a task and you'll usually find you end up doing a lot more because you got over the "blank page hurdle".

Productivity vs. getting things done

Avoid the trap of "productivity porn" and focus on actually getting work done.

Why you should stop taking notes on your computer

For better retention, research shows you should be taking notes on paper.

A little known hack from Japan to get your notebook organized

One of the easiest, fastest, cleverest ways to organise a paper notebook that I've ever seen.

The one feature that made me more productive and less stressed

Using start dates for my tasks helped me get more done without the stress of deadlines.

How to ruthlessly prioritize your task list to get more done

In this article I ease you in gently and work up to truly ruthless strategies to prioritize your to do list.

How to stop procrastinating on your goals by using the "seinfeld strategy"

Although the attribution of this strategy to Jerry Seinfeld has since been discredited, the principle is still sound. Start a habit by checking it off on your calendar every day, and soon you'll have a streak that you won't want to break.

Want to improve your productivity? Get a dog.

I'm not a fan of dogs personally, but the research shows having a dog around can improve your mood and increase teamwork and productivity.

How to find your optimal work environment and boost productivity

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Not everyone works best in the same environment. This article includes tips for finding the right space, time of day, noise levels (and types) and task management processes to help you be productive.

The surprising reason we have a 40-hour work week (and why we should re-think it)

Not everyone works best at the same time, either. This article looks at where the 40-hour work week came from and how to find a working schedule that actually suits you.

10 realistic ways to keep your overflowing inbox under control

Real methods from real people that can help you fight the email deluge.

The truth about multitasking

The truth is it's a myth.

Apps to track your time

Hours app

This roundup looks at apps for tracking your personal time. It includes mobile, web, and desktop options.

Save time by scheduling your week

Scheduling your week before it starts can save you time and energy later on. I looked at three different methods for planning your workweek so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Turn your notifications back on


It's a common refrain lately that we should turn off all notifications to get our focus back, but I think there's a better way.

Keeping meetings from taking over your day

For many of us, meetings are an inevitable part of the workday. They don't have to take over, though. Here are some ways I've found to wrangle my time so I still get real work done around my meetings.

10 Plain text files you should have on your desktop for higher productivity

There's a lot you can do with plain text, and it comes with the added benefit of keeping me away from wasting time trying out new apps.

16 of the best ways to work smarter, not harder

I'm all about working smarter, not harder. The more I can focus and prioritise, the more work I can get done in a short period of time. Who doesn't want that kind of productivity?

Seeing is doing: 8 creative ways to visualize your to-do list

sticky notes

I've always felt more organised when I could see what I had to get done. Everyone works differently, but if visuals work for you too, here are some options for making your task list more effective.

Client week: how I keep my day job from taking over my startup

My latest attempt to separate client work and startup work is to work week on, week off.

Filling up your productivity graph

Once you've got your RescueTime account connected to Exist, you might find yourself working a little harder each day to get that circle graph to fill up...

How can we measure productivity accurately?

RescueTime measures how long you spend using apps and websites you've classified as productive or not productive. I took a look at other options for measuring our productive output in this post.

How to find work/life balance as an entrepreneur

I love being an entrepreneur. It gives me the freedom to choose what I work on and when and how I do it. But there are two sides to every coin.

How to put an end to workload paralysis


How come the busier I get, the less work I get done?

How to stop procrastinating: 4 new steps backed by research

To be honest with you, dear reader, I should have started writing this hours ago. So how can both of us finally banish procrastination for good? I decided to call a guy who has answers.

To-do list how to

If you care more about getting things done than the tools you use, this method is for you. It's so simple you might not believe how effective it is.

How to take effective notes

Taking effective notes is the difference between filling up notebooks and actually learning.

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