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10:58 PM
Wednesday: best day for 3 weeks!
More time in bed this week
average time in bed, 8% increase
Keep checking in!
44% more likely to climb floors when you check-in
Happy days!
Mood above average for 8-day streak
Tuesday: Best sleep for 3 nights
time asleep
Tonight will be cooler than average. Take advantage of it!
more likely to walk more when it's colder overnight
Earlier to bed this week
12:07 AM
average bedtime, 54 min earlier
Are you too busy enjoying yourself to tell everyone about it?
less likely to tweet when you're having a good day

Even if you're actively tracking your life, you're only seeing part of the picture.

We turn numbers into insights. We collect data from the services you already use and find trends and correlations in the results. Start by connecting your fitness tracker, and add other services like your calendar for greater context on what you're up to.

Exist is a web app that works great on mobile, with companion Android and iPhone apps too.