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4864 6001
3.5 km 2.9 avg
38 min active 48 avg
4 floors 12 avg
Sunday is your most active day of the week.
This trend has been growing stronger.

Tracks played

6 25 avg


11.6 / 20.2° C

Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon.


06:17 05:54
09:53 09:03
In bed
12:17 bed time awake 10:10
23:20 avg 08:26
21 awakenings 15 avg
Monday: worst sleep for 5 days
4:51 asleep
Went to bed later this week
12:19 average bedtime, 13 min later

We turn numbers into insights. We collect data from the services you already use and find trends and correlations in the results. Start by connecting your fitness tracker, and add other services like your calendar for greater context on what you're up to.

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