Resources for better habits

Trying to build better habits? Find out how to build habits that stick with these resources.

Apps to track your habits and goals

habit apps

Of course we're big proponents of tracking what you do. And tracking your habits is a great way to keep yourself accountable. This huge list will surely have an app on it that suits your needs.

My monthly review

How I break down my goals, what I've accomplished that I'm proud of and what I'm working on getting better at every day.

4 approaches to building habits

If you're not sure how to go about building up new habits (or breaking old ones), here are four methods to try. They include using punishments as deterrents, using rewards as incentives and rethinking your identity based on your habits.

Habit stacking: how to build new habits by taking advantage of old ones

One of the least obvious tricks for building habits that really works is to use existing habits as triggers. This article explains how it works and includes examples to help you apply the strategy to your own life.

3 surefire methods that help me to build new habits


These three strategies have always worked well for me in building new habits. Stack your habits onto each other, do them at the same time each day and put what you need in plain sight.

Forget about setting goals. Focus on this instead.

James Clear explores the difference between goals and systems. Like habits, systems are about what you do every day, as opposed to goals which are far-off accomplishments.

Why successful habits are about structure, not effort

Tony Stubblebine, CEO of habit-tracking app Lift, shared his best tips for building habits in this article. They include starting small, picking replacement habits for the ones you want to drop and knowing what you're going to do before you get out of bed.

5 tricks to fix bad eating habits

Never skip breakfast, let yourself have a "cheat day", replace the "cripsy" feeling of junk food with healthy alternatives. This article has plenty of practical suggestions and research about how junk food affects us and why we crave it.

The 1 trick I use to build every habit

Start small with a trigger that gets you in the mood.

Identity-based habits: how to actually stick to your goals this year

Another great article from James Clear that covers the importance of how you see yourself. Rather than approaching running as a habit you're trying to build, start from the inside and think of yourself as someone who runs. I love that you can just go for one run and use this method to decide you're "a runner". It makes me feel good about starting a new habit from scratch.

You can’t start a habit without this first step

Max Ogles explains how habit triggers work and shares some good examples. Setting up the right trigger at the right time is the first step to building a strong habit.

How I changed my three worst time-wasting habits

lady with phone

I recognised some of my worst-offending habits that took up my time and energy. In this post I shared the tricks I used to remove or replace each bad habit.

How to drag yourself up when bed is just too cosy

I've been struggling to get up as early as I'd like, so I've found a few tricks to help me stay awake when the alarm goes off.

How to build a new habit in 3 easy steps (and make it stick)

Samuel Thomas Davies explains how to use Charles Duhigg's habit loop to create lasting habits.

Build better work habits by starting small and rewarding yourself

Building healthy habits isn't just for personal improvement—it applies to work as well. These tips can help you get more organised, stay focused, read more, build better relationships with colleagues, and more.

How to get more exercise on workdays

shoes on grass

Getting enough exercise can be hard. It takes up time, and I often find myself thinking I should be working, not working out. But I've found a few ways to incorporate more exercise into my workday without losing productivity.

Internal vs. external motivation: How to build an exercise routine you’ll stick to

Focusing on reaching big goals or external validation will make it much harder to keep up an exercise routine (or any other new habit). Try to find motivation in things you can control instead.

Start the new year with habits and systems, not goals

Goals are for losers. Habits and systems will lead you to real, lasting change.

This study reveals the tipping point in behaviour change (and how you can use it)

Information isn't enough to change our behaviour. Just because we know fast food is bad for us we won't stop eating it. It takes a tipping point to actually make us do something different.

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