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Manual entry

BYO numbers

Invent and track your own data points. We can find relationships between everything you track, whether it's something we understand, like your step count, or something you create, like "afternoon sleepiness level".

On Android and iOS you can enter numeric data as a quantity, decimal number, percentage, time period, scale from 1–9, or time of day. Track things like medications, time spent in certain activities, exercise counts, and subjective measures about feelings and symptoms.

Or you can create tags for anything about a day that doesn't need a number. Make tags for the names of people you spend time with, places you go, hobbies and habits, medications, or medical symptoms. We'll start you off with some suggestions for commonly-used tags, but you can track whatever's most meaningful to you.

Workout/headache correlation

It's more than a feeling, or several feelings

Manual tracking lets you add personal, subjective data that can't be automatically tracked by an app. With our built-in mood tracking you can rate each day and add a note about what happened, but combined with your own numbers and tags you can find out even more about how you feel. Discover what makes you grumpy or tired. Learn how your sleep is affected when you're anxious or stressed. See what a high energy or low energy day looks like.

Read more about mood tracking

'bad sleep' tag trends page

Find meaning in your data

Once you've been entering data for a few weeks, Exist can find you some correlations. Discover what makes it easier or harder to stick to healthy habits. Find out how alcohol, coffee, or particular foods affect your sleep and mood. Figure out what triggers your medical symptoms, or how medications affect your productivity. Exist can even uncover what happens when you don't track a tag. From your social media habits to how active you are, Exist will look for correlations between your manual data and everything else. You do the tracking, Exist finds the trends.

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