Do you have a native app for my phone/tablet/smart watch?

Right now Exist is a web app that works across your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We also have companion apps for Android and iOS. These don't do everything the web app does, but enough to use comfortably day-to-day.

What services does Exist integrate with?

Please see this page on what data you can bring from each service.

What services will be integrated in the future?

We have a long, long list of integrations we want to add. To help us prioritise, we have a public roadmap where you can suggest new ideas and vote for the ones you want us to add next.

Can I track custom data manually?

Yes, you can use our custom tags feature.

Why don't you integrate with my favourite service?

The most common reason we haven't integrated a service you're looking for is because that service doesn't offer a public API, so we have no way to access your data and sync it to your Exist account.

Another common reason we can't integrate with services is that some of the most popular services only allow approved companies to use their APIs. A popular example is MyFitnessPal. We've applied multiple times for API access and not been accepted. If you use Apple Health or Fitbit, you can sync your MyFitnessPal data to one of those services to get your food data into Exist.

Can I cancel or suspend my subscription?

Sure. If you decide Exist is not for you, you can cancel your account anytime from the Settings page. This will stop your payments and delete all of your data (just our copies—e.g. if you've connected Fitbit to Exist, your Fitbit account will still have your data).

As a courtesy to our long-term paid users, those who qualify can suspend their accounts. If you suspend your account your payments will stop and you won't be able to use Exist, but your data will continue to be updated until you return. If you qualify you'll see an option to suspend your account on the delete account page (you can find this from your account settings page by clicking on your name in the top menu of our site).

How often is my data updated?

Once your accounts are connected, for most services we update today's data periodically throughout the day. At less regular intervals, we'll also update the last week's data, so that, for example, if you haven't synced your Fitbit for a while we'll pull in all of that past data too.

How long does it take to find correlations?

We need at least three weeks' worth of data for an attribute before we can find correlations. Correlations are updated weekly, so each Monday you'll see new correlations available.

How do I connect a new service?

Click the plus icon at the top right of any Exist page on the web, or click on your name to go to your account settings page and then choose “Services”. Click connect on any service you’d like to add, and you’ll be sent to that service’s website to login and grant access to Exist.

How do I disconnect a service?

Click the plus icon at the top right of any Exist page on the web, or click on your name to go to your account settings page and then choose “Services”. Click “Disconnect” on the service you no longer want to use.

What happens when I disconnect a service?

Disconnecting a service does not remove your data. This way, you can reconnect the same service again later (handy if you’re trying different fitness trackers!) and we’ll still have your data saved.

What’s the difference between “service” and “attribute”?

A “service” is an app you use to create data. For instance, Fitbit, Twitter, and Swarm are all services. An “attribute” is a type of data that you create, such as the number of tracks played or number of steps you took today. Your steps goal is also an attribute, as are wind speed, low temperature and high temperature, which we get from Dark Sky.

How do I change which service updates an attribute?

Some attributes can be updated by more than one service (for instance, steps can be updated by Fitbit, Google Fit, or Apple Health). You can only use one at a time, but you can switch between them. To change which service is updating an attribute, you’ll need to have more than one connected first — see “How do I connect a new service?” for help with this.

Once you have more than one service connected that offers the same type of data, click on your name in the top menu and choose “Attributes”. Each attribute will have a drop-down list where you can choose which service it should get its data from.

How do I update my timezone?

Your Exist account has a separate timezone setting to the accounts or devices you connect. This means if you change timezones, you need to update your Exist account, even if you’ve done this already for your fitness tracker or any other connected services.

To change your timezone, click on your name in the top menu and choose “Edit your preferences” from the list. In the drop-down list labelled “Timezone”, choose the closest option to where you are.

How do I update my credit card?

If you need to change the credit card associated with your Exist account, click on your name in the top menu to go to your account settings page. In the box labelled "Your Account Details" you'll see all your billing info. Click the "Update card" link to change your credit card details.

Do you have an API?

Indeed we do! Check out the API docs here, but you'll need to have an Exist account to use it.

Can I export all my data?

Of course! It's your data, not ours. From your account settings page click on "Export data" in the list.