08 Jan 2019
By Belle

How to get an API token for Exist

If you're interested in writing your own integrations for Exist, writing an app, service, or script that works with Exist, or even just setting up some iOS shortcuts to work …

09 Feb 2018
By Belle

The way we run Exist

Lately Josh and I have become increasingly concerned about the amount of data we're all sharing online, and how that data is being used. We've seen example after example of …

31 Oct 2017
By Belle

Arbitrary goals aren't useful goals


This month I set a handful of goals for myself. One of them was to publish four blog posts. Between my personal blog, our Hello Code company blog, and the …

19 Sep 2017
By Josh

Results of the 2017 user survey

Each year we've made a habit of asking users for their feedback on how we're going. This year's survey went out a bit late compared to previous years, as we …

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