12 Apr 2022
By Belle

Coming soon: manual tracking

We're nearly ready to launch one of our most-requested (and biggest!) changes to Exist: manual tracking. Before we do, here's a little sneak peek at the new features and how they work.

Right now, you can create tags in Exist to track anything you want: symptoms, medications, people you spend time with, habits and hobbies, or even foods you eat. But tags are limited. You can choose whether to use a tag each day or not, but you can't track a quantity with a tag. This is where manual tracking comes in.

With manual tracking, you'll be able to use our mobile apps to track numeric values for anything you like. This will help fill the gaps in what data we're able to sync automatically from other devices and services, by letting you enter it yourself.

When creating a manual attribute, you'll be able to choose from lots of different value types:

  • Quantity (e.g. 2 coffees)
  • Decimal (e.g. 32.5° indoor temperature)
  • Duration (e.g. 2:15 time in meetings)
  • Percentage (e.g. 65% daily tasks completed)
  • Scale from 1-9 (e.g. 4/9 stress level)
  • Time of day (e.g. 2:45 pm last had caffeine)

Manual tracking is in beta testing right now, and we're planning to launch these new features to all users very soon.

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