19 Jan 2024
By Belle

Exist 2023 updates

Although we've been keeping our public roadmap for Exist updated with the latest changes, it's been a while since we've posted news here on the blog. So here's a quick look at updates and changes we made to Exist in 2023.

Sleep breakdown attributes

We added support for syncing new sleep attributes: deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep. These will now sync from Fitbit, Oura, Withings, and Garmin, as well as Apple Health via Exist for iOS. Awakenings can now sync from Apple Health as well.

Trakt integration

We added a new Trakt integration, which can sync time watching TV and time watching movies.

Attributes page refresh

The page for managing your attributes was getting a bit unwieldy for users with a lot of attributes, so we gave this page a design update. Groups now have coloured headers to make it easy to scan for the one you want, and they're collapsible, so only the group you're interested in will take up space on the page. And any changes you make to your attributes on this page will now automatically save, without you needing to click a button to submit your changes.

Exist attributes page

New weekly insights

We added some new weekly insight types for recently-added template attributes such as time watching TV, time watching movies, and gaming time.

Maintenance updates

We also did some less-exciting updates throughout the year to keep up with changes in some of the services we integrate with.

Since free access to the Twitter API was removed, we had to remove our Twitter integration. This sadly continues the trend of social media services closing down API access.

Oura's API v1 is scheduled to shut down in January 2024, so we moved our Oura integration over to v2 to ensure smooth syncing of Oura data going forward.

And since Apple bought Dark Sky and shut it down, we had to find a new source for our weather data. We went with Apple's new weather service, which doesn't include air pressure, so that attribute has been removed. Otherwise the data is fairly similar, so users shouldn't notice the change too much.

Mobile screen time from RescueTime

If you have an Android device and you use RescueTime to track mobile screen time, this will now sync to Exist as well.

The mood trends page has long had a graph of your strongest mood correlations that we really loved. This year we brought this graph to the trends pages for all your other attributes, too. It makes it easy to see at a glance what other attributes relate to the one you're looking at.

weight trends page in Exist

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